Ben’s Racing Progress report

19th Oct 2018

Apologies for not keeping up with Ben’s progress on the web site lately.

Latest info is that Ben got a very creditable overall 7th for the season. Well done Ben.

Saturday’s race report. 15th October 2016

Started 14th and finished 14th (5th in class).

Made one mistake and spun, also got taken out and spun.

Finished 8th in the championship standings this year out of 30 odd drivers.



Man of steel Rd 7.

Qualified 4th and finished 4th out of 32 drivers! Was 1 of only 4 drivers to set a sub 50 second lap time too! 😀 Currently 9th I the championship standings with one race left next month.


Man of Steel Round 2—-2016


Hi Guys, What a difference a decent kart makes!Made it into Q3 and set a time to secure 7th on the grid. Beat my personal best lap ever last night (never had a 49 second lap before!) and finished 5th overall and in class! Pushed hard all race. Only 1 lap did I fall into 51 seconds, and that was lapping a back marker. Moved from 19th up to 10th in the standings. See you all soon. Ben


Man Of Steel Round 1 —-2016

Hi Guys, First race of the year. Full grid of 38 drivers. Q1 – 23rd overall, 17th in class Q2 – 22nd overall, 16th in class Q3 – N/A Race – 26th overall, 19th overall. Racing in the top class, everyone is very very fast! Top 10 completed laps of low 49 seconds! My Kart lacked acceleration out of the corners and was a tad oversteery. But I matched my best lap record! Having 20 mins of fast qualifying tired me out. The race was hard work too. Had a lot of fun, this championship will defiantly improve my skill set!
Driver of the Year 2015

The event, formally known as Star Pupil, takes place on Saturday 28th November. The day begins with a sprint event using our RT8 Karts followed a 45 Minute Endurance race using the Club100 Karts. This event is by INVITATION only and due to its exclusive nature, entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

Each competitor will be judged by independent judges from the world of motorsport on their individual performance in both the Endurance and Grand Prix events and not by their overall results or performances over past events.

The judges will be looking for consistency in driving techniques and the ability to deal with traffic. Every aspect of being a top driver will count from registration to maintaining a sportsmanlike attitude regardless of what may happen on or off the circuit. The fastest driver is not necessarily the winner. The judges are looking for a sportsman!

Cost: £99.00 per driver (no discounts) Provisional booking cannot be accepted, full payment must be made at the time of booking via a credit or debit card.
Double loyalty points will be awarded to each driver booking into the event.

12.00pm         Arrival
12.45pm        Briefing
1.15pm – 3.30pm    Heats (and final if required) will be on the RT8 karts
3.40pm – 3.45pm    Group 1 practice (24 drivers) Club 100 karts
3.50pm – 4.35pm    Group 1 endurance race – Club 100 karts
4.40pm – 4.45pm    Group 2 practice (24 drivers) Club 100 karts
4.50pm – 5.35pm    Group 2 endurance race – Club 100 karts
5.45pm        Presentation


1st Place
Two tickets for the 2016 British F1TM at Silverstone
Winners trophy
A Personalised Race suit
£500.00 Buckmore Park Gift Card

2nd Place
Brands Hatch Experience Voucher *
Runner Up Trophy
£350.00 Buckmore Park Gift Card

3rd Place
Brands Hatch Experience Voucher*
Third place trophy
£200.00 Buckmore Park Gift Card


Final Solo Championship Race 2015

Last weeks race report. Take note of the complaints at the bottom of the page. A friend of mine got hit off into the tyre wall at turn one, ended up in hospital with concussion and had to have a ct scan. He’s not allowed to race for 4 weeks! Finished 9th this year in the championship

Hi Guys,

Last weeks race report. No video this month as the rules have changed at buckmore park for video cameras. I’ve changed my camera mount, its no good at the moment. I need to modify it to get a stable picture. Although in the report you will see pictures of me, kart number 3!

Started 12th, got taken off after the restart and dropped to 29th! Over the race I climbed back up to 12th!

See you soon

Ben’s French Trip

Hi Guys,

Got some footage from karting in France while I was on holiday last month.

First is a 10 minute practice session in 270cc karts, there slower than buckmore park. I don’t like practice sessions much with normal people. Your never sure what the person in front will do. Unlike in a race when you can trust the guys you race with. Hence I was caught out and took 2 people of the track!

Second video is taken on board with 250cc karts, a lot of fun and faster that buckmores karts!! 🙂

Race 5 2nd August 2015

This months race report and video,

New blue and yellow karts. With on board dash display on the steering wheel, if you see the yellow light flash on top of the wheel during the race it means I have just set my personal best lap of the race.

Started 9th, finished 9th after two spins and a 180 down into the escape route 🙂…/…/race-reports/report-ev-10751/ <>

I’m away in France for the next club meet, see you in september!

Race 4 28th June 2015

Latest race video clip below.

Latest Race report below.

Well done Ben you are improving race by race.

Race 3 June 2015

Hi Guys,

This is video footage of me racing last night in the 2hr team race. Very destruction derby!

Race 2 Buckmore Park 2015

Hi to all at KMC,

Qualified 18th for round two out of 30 drivers. Bit further down the field than I would have liked. Kart lacked top end speed but the brakes made up for that. Had a poor start and lost four places before turn one! Made a few places up later on that lap. For the middle stint of the race I was mainly lapping on my own.

Forty minutes into the race it started to rain. This caught a lot of people out and I was able to capitalise and moved up to 13th where I finished. Currently sitting 10th in the standings.

Here is a video of the start of the race,

And a video of the last 12 mins in varying damp conditions. Excuse the swearing where my friend locked up and crashed into the back of me. Was not a gentle hit! 🙂

Race 2 Report


Race 1 Buckmore Park 2015

Heres my first race report of the year. Also I’ve brought myself a video camera for this year, so there is a video to watch if you wish to. Started 16th and finished 12th on a wet track!

See you at Mays club meet, Ben

Sunday 26th October Ironman Solo Endurance  Round 8


Hi All. Started 16th out of 32. After poor kart in qually. Changed before race and Finished 7th. 7th in total championship standings too.



 Once again KMC supported Ben in the last race of the season at Buckmore Park.  Failing light restricted our picture taking to some extent this time.  You can see by Ben’s remarks above that he really made good progress through the field and in the Formal Race report there is an acknowledgement of his speed and determination. Well done Ben cracking finish to the season.


Sunday 28th September Ironman Solo Endurance Round 7

This time KMC were  at Buckmore Park to Support Ben along with his Mum & Dad.  Following qualifying which saw Ben 2nd on the grid, an hour of racing commenced with approx 30 contenders for the honours.  I think Ben may have had more supporters there than anybody else  as BJ,  Roy & Jan, Clive & Sue  and Simon & Carrie & the boys Marley & Jesse all cheered and willed Ben on to a fantastic 3rd place .  There were some good overtaking moves as Ben lapped the back markers while Roy and myself attempted to get good pics of the fast flowing race. See below Ben in Union Jack  helmet driving No 13 . It might be an idea to go for an official Club outing to support Ben on one of his race evenings in the future. Up for discussion at next Club night.




On the grid

On the grid


In the pack

In the pack



Now 3rd

Now 3rd


Congratulations Ben

Congratulations Ben


The smiling winners

The smiling winners


The future champions?

The future champions?




Sat 26th July Report Ironman Solo Endurance Round 5

Hi Guys,

Saturdays race report, started 15th, finished 11th out of 28 after 90 laps in the heat.

See you all sunday,


Full race report link below


23rd June 2014 Report Ironman Solo Endurance Round 4

Hi Guys.

Quallied 10th, finished 7th.


On 10 Jun 2014, at 23:06, Ben Scott <> wrote:

Hi Guys.

Won the 2hr team endurance tonight at Buckmore park by 1.5 seconds! ( I over took the guy with 2 laps to go.) After 4 kart changes in qually and an extra pit stop in the race. Bit of confusion, guy came in a lap early and we was not ready, so he went out for another lap. Set fastest lap out of everyone too! 🙂

We started from 3rd place.

2014 Ironman Solo season begins. Check out Ben’s progress.

First race of the year. Qualified 9th, top 12 were within a second of pole! I got hit off mid race and dropped to 12th, but i managed to climb up to 7th. The kart had slow acceleration and the brakes were not great. But i caught up with people when they were fighting for position ahead. Great fun!

Check out full race report below.  Well done Ben keep at it!


Ironman Solo Round 8 the final race of the season


Hi All,

Hope your all okay after the storm! Lost a few fence panels here.

Last race of the Ironman Championship was a very exciting race. Just about stayed dry. I’ll let you read the report to see what happened. The report reads just as good as it was to take part in it. Finished the championship in 5th overall, closed the gap from 13 points to 9 behind 4th. Vast improvement from finishing 10th last year, two 3rd place finishes and one pole in qualifying. Already looking forward to next years championship, aiming for a top three finish next.

See you all soon.



Hi All,

Rd 7 of the Ironman Endurance Championship at Buckmore Park. Quallified 2nd, finished 3rd out of 32 drivers. Was 2nd all apart from 3 laps at the end. Other race stats, average speed over 71 laps was 52mph! Moved from 6th to 5th in the points table, only 13 points behind 4th with one race remaining of this season.

See you all soon Ben.

Race Report

Round 7 podium for Ben on left kart race[1]
a href=”” title=”Ben’s Racing Progress report”>Ironman Solo Round 6 Sat 24th August 2013

Another round of the ironman championship completed on Saturday in the heavy rain. Started 6th, crashed into a marshal post on the last corner of lap one and dropped to last place in 30th. I was sandwiched between two karts on a left hand bend, under steered across the front of the kart to my right, who clipped the back of my kart. Turning me 180 degrees and I went into the marshals hut backwards and the front if the kart swung round into the tyre wall. Was un hurt thankfully. Once dug out, in the next hour made my way up to 13th. Good recovery, had a great time working my way back through the field.

See you all soon Ben


Race reports page

Race report from yesterday 23rd June 2013, set a time for 11th place out of 26 in qually, dropped to 12th and made my up to 9th, but finished after an hours race and 70 laps in 10th place. Currently 8th in championship points.



Hi All,


Raced on Saturday at Buckmore Park. Rd 5 of the championship.


Managed to set a good lap in qually, and started the race from pole position! Was in the lead on and off for the first 20 laps. Caught the back markers up and got stuck behind, it was 3 karts wide in some places and I dropped to 6th.


Kept swapping places and Could not get away from 5th place (kart no 1 in the photos) for the next 20 odd laps. Both even on pace. Then it started to rain hard, and all my practice from racing through the winter in the rain paid off, and I moved up to 3rd! 0.3 seconds behind 2nd 😀 Got myself another trophy! Will send photo of the podium when I get it myself.


I’m kart no 13 in the photos below. Is it odd that this was my 13th race start in this championship, in kart 13 and I started on pole?…


Currently 6th in the championship. Read full race report at
Ben in the lead at Buckmore Park

Ben in the lead at Buckmore Park